Patient of the Week

All proceeds from Steve Irwin Day go into projects such as the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital.

The Australian Wildlife Hospital treats thousands of injured animals each year. Sadly, many of them don’t make it back to the wild. The lucky ones make a full recovery and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their natural habitat. These are their stories…

Georgia the Red Kangaroo Joey

Georgia the Red Kangaroo Joey

Age: Juvenile

Sex: Female Weight: 1.7kgs

Found: In the St George region in central west QLD. Georgia was orphaned after her mum was shot.

Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by the rescue unit who met her initial carers half way. Georgia has traveled over six hours in total to get the care that she required!

Veterinary Assessment: Georgia was quiet and a little lethargic on arrival to the hospital. After further examination, Dr Claude found her to be slightly dehydrated but otherwise her overall condition appeared to be good.

Treatment: Dr Claude treated Georgia with fluids to increase her hydration levels and kept her in the small mammals intensive care unit for a couple of days. Georgia was monitored closely for gut-related issues that can commonly occur in new orphans.

Future: After two days in hospital Georgia was given the all clear and transferred to an experienced macropod carer who will now raise her to adulthood. Georgia will come into the hospital for regular, free check-ups over the next 12 months until she is old enough for release.

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