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All proceeds from Steve Irwin Day go into projects such as the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital.

The Australian Wildlife Hospital treats thousands of injured animals each year. Sadly, many of them don’t make it back to the wild. The lucky ones make a full recovery and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their natural habitat. These are their stories…

Galaxy the Koala Joey

Galaxy the Koala Joey

Age: 10 months

Sex: Weight: 1.2kg

Found: In a shed in Clontarf, QLD seeking shelter. Galaxy was orphaned after her mother was hit by a car.

Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by Moreton Bay Koala Rescue.

Veterinary Assessment: Dr Bec was on duty to assess Galaxy on arrival. She found her to be quiet and slightly underweight in appearance. After a thorough examination and x-ray under anaesthetic Dr Bec discovered some minor internal bruising however there were no major concerns.

Treatment: Galaxy was administered fluids and pain medication and was sent to a specialised carer. The carer was responsible for raising Galaxy until she reached 2kgs at approximately 12 months of age.

Future: Once Galaxy was ready she was returned to the hospital for koala kindy to prepare her for life in the wild. Galaxy is now awaiting release as she has shown to be fit, healthy and independent. Galaxy will be released back in Clontarf, close to where she was found but a safe distance from roads and others threats.

AZWH Fact: When a koala joey is born it is only 2cms long! They are blind and furless and use their strong forearms and well developed sense of smell to find their way to the pouch.

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