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All proceeds from Steve Irwin Day go into projects such as the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital.

The Australian Wildlife Hospital treats thousands of injured animals each year. Sadly, many of them don’t make it back to the wild. The lucky ones make a full recovery and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their natural habitat. These are their stories…

Joffrey the Frilled Neck Lizard

Joffrey the Frilled Neck Lizard

Age: Adult

Sex: Unknown Weight: 380gms

Found: On the side of the road in the region of Bribie Island. It was suspected that he had either been clipped or caught up in the slip stream of a passing vehicle.

Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by a member of the public.

Veterinary Assessment: Joffrey had very pale colouration on arrival; a strong indication that he was dehydrated and not well. He was showing signs of moderate head trauma with circling and a head tilt observed by Dr Bec. Joffrey was anaesthetised for examination and an injury was found on his left forearm but luckily an x-ray showed no fractures.

Treatment: Dr Bec administered Joffrey with fluids to increase his hydration levels, painkillers and antibiotics to fight against infection. He was placed in a specialised, heated terrarium in the reptile intensive care room at the wildlife hospital under close observation.

Future: Joffrey has been at the hospital in intensive care for almost seven weeks now. His recovery has been steady and only in the past two weeks has he shown signs of improvement. His appetite has increased, he is becoming more alert and even showing his frill when approached. A couple more weeks should see Joffrey well enough for release.

AZWH Fact: Frilled neck lizards are not commonly seen at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital as they prefer a dryer climate and are more prevalent in Central West QLD.

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