Patient of the Week

All proceeds from Steve Irwin Day go into projects such as the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital.

The Australian Wildlife Hospital treats thousands of injured animals each year. Sadly, many of them don’t make it back to the wild. The lucky ones make a full recovery and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their natural habitat. These are their stories…

Flicker the Nankeen Kestrel

Flicker the Nankeen Kestrel

Age: Adult

Sex: Female Weight: 376gms

Found: At a place of residence in Sandstone Point east of Caboolture. Flicker had jesses attached to her legs and a radio tracker indicating that she was a captive bird. Where she came from was a complete mystery!

Transported to: To Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by the rescue unit after a member of the public made the call.

Veterinary Assessment: Dr Amber checked Flickers condition and was happy to find no signs of injuries or illness. It was clear though that she was a captive bird as jesses are used to keep control of a bird while it is on the glove or in training, and allow a bird to be secured on a perch outside its aviary. Dr Amber checked for a microchip and unfortunately couldn’t find one and the radio tracker proved to also be broken.

Treatment: Flicker was in great condition and obviously very well looked after. She didn’t require any treatment except for a safe place to stay until the owner could be located.

Future: Good news! The owner was located the very same day after a few calls made by the hospital team. Flicker had been missing for five days and had travelled over 170kms from her home at ORiellys Rainforest Retreat located in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The owner was thrilled to have her home.

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