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All proceeds from Steve Irwin Day go into projects such as the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital.

The Australian Wildlife Hospital treats thousands of injured animals each year. Sadly, many of them don’t make it back to the wild. The lucky ones make a full recovery and go on to live happy and healthy lives in their natural habitat. These are their stories…

Betty Boo the Koala

Betty Boo the Koala

Age: 18 months

Sex: Female Weight: 3.41kgs

Found: Sitting in the middle of a highway near Marlborough, QLD by a truck driver who stopped to rescue her. It was suspected that she had been caught up in a bush-fire that was burning nearby.

Transported to: By the kind truck driver who took her to a nearby vet clinic. The clinic then had her transferred to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by another amazing member of the public that made the seven hour trip down!

Veterinary Assessment: Betty Boo was seen to by Dr Bec who found a very nervous little girl with singed fur and a burnt nose. After she was anesthetised for further examination, Dr Bec could also see that the pads of her feet were partly burnt and she was missing some claws.

Treatment: Dr Bec cleaned the burn wounds thoroughly with saline solution to remove bacteria and debris, and then applied a sterile gauze bandage to the affected paws. Betty Boo was also administered with strong pain relief, antibiotics to fight against infection and fluids.

Future: The little koala has been recovering from her ordeal in the mammals intensive care unit at AZWH. She is presently being treated with a topical antibacterial ointment that is applied daily to her burns and her pain relief dosage has recently been lowered. She needs some assistance with eating due to the injuries on her paws but otherwise her progress has been good. Once she is well enough she will be transferred back to the area she was found in for release.

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