Khaki It

Steve and the crew KHAKI IT!

KHAKI IT with us! Khaki is more than a colour. It's an attitude. It's a stand to do something positive in our world and a passion to make a difference. And when you make a difference – you KHAKI IT!

Khaki is a symbol of Steve Irwin, the original Crocodile Hunter and Wildlife Warrior. At Australia Zoo and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors – we continue the legacy of Conservation, Family and Fun that Stevo created – and every day – we KHAKI IT!

When you see that khaki uniform, it is a sign that somebody is there to get in and get their hands dirty and save an animal or campaign for wildlife conservation. You don't have to be Terri, Bindi or Robert Irwin or a member of the Zoo Crew to be a Wildlife Warrior. Anyone can make a difference. Anyone can KHAKI IT!

About Steve Irwin Day

the Australia Zoo crew

Steve Irwin Day on November 15 – is an international and annual event to celebrate the extraordinary life of the one and only Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

KHAKI IT on Steve Irwin day to raise money for Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors and continue Steve's legacy. Become part of a global ‘wildlife force' working together to preserve wildlife and wild places.

Why We KHAKI IT...

As wildlife warriors, we believe that every life is worth rescuing.
We believe that anyone can be a Wildlife Warrior.
We believe khaki is not just a colour – it's an attitude!
We believe that if you save one – you can save the species.
We believe that even kids can make a difference.
We believe in living the motto each day – KHAKI IT!
Remember, anyone can make a difference. All you have to do is KHAKI IT!


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